• I feel as though I am caught somewhere between reality & Wonderland. My mommy brain lives in real world while the rest of me lives amongst giant flowers, upside down tea parties and grinning cats.  
  • I get nearly all of my inspiration from actual children, and listening to their dreams, imaginings and ideas.
  • Why Little Fox & Froggie?  This site is dedicated to my own littles.  My daughter has been dragging around a froggie since she was 4 months old, & now my son has a favourite fox stuffy - so it just seemed to be appropriate.
  • My Grammoo told me to be a greeting card maker - if there really is such a thing.  
  • I have tried photography, and found it to be almost too scientific.  I am a big fan of those who can truly paint with light.  (I still take a lot of photos - mostly of my children & our cats) Want to check out some awesome photographers? Yes!
  • I would love to get down & dirty with clay.  Try my hands at some pottery - I think it would fit me rather well.  (I just need a little more space to practice in - which feels like a bad excuse, but we sincerely do not have any room to spare with 2 adults, 2 children & 2 cats & 3 chickens.)
  • I used to be a Therapeutic Clown for a children's hospital.
  • Why Art? Why not?
  • My educational background is really Drama & Art Therapy (although the program is called Drama In Education & Community) I have never bought my diploma, only because I wouldn't know where to hang it.  
  • I watch too much TV for my liking.  I wish I could just stop.
  • I LOVE peanut butter & chocolate!
  • I adore Hello Kitty (even in her pink tackiness)
  • I would love to be a better gardener.
  • My full name is Angela, but I prefer Ella. 
  • Bored yet? Me too.

Quotation of the Month

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